What Is Time ..?

I want to believe it was the photographer's camera I was staring at...

I want to believe it was the photographer’s camera I was staring at…

14 months later and I decided to grace the beautiful people of the World Wide Web with another post.

Why did it take me so long you might ask? I’ve also asked myself the same question severally. This someone else asked me and to avoid responses that sounded like excuses, I dragged myself here.

Because you guys deserve to know, I noted some of the reasons that have kept me away with the intent to overcome them. (#JesSaying)

Firstly, I work in Communications; PR, Marketing Communications, Corporate Affairs …, it takes up different names depending on who’s paying my salary at the time. Writing forms a major bulk of my job which makes blogging look like work. This is not to say that I don’t enjoy my daily 9 to 5 but who likes to continue working after work? Not me. Continue reading


Turban Nation

It’s #washday this weekend and I’m so excited. Possibly because I’m trying out something new; pre-pooing with hot oil, yaaay. “How is that related to turbans” you ask? Usually, between the pre-poo, deep conditioning and rinse out, my go-to fashion statement is the turban. Continue reading

Failing Forward (Precious’ edition)

Yes I know. I failed. At first attempt. Try not to judge me. I didn’t judge Miley Cyrus’ twerk either.

So the attempt at daily blogging didn’t quite work out. I honestly believe that “excuses are the tools of the incompetent…”*waves at Pstr. Paul* so I won’t bother with any. Believe me when I say it was in your best interest though because I don’t live/work in Beverley Hills. What shall it profit me to blog daily and only achieve yawns? Continue reading

Brand Positioning Strategies

Please which (daily) blogger updates their blog close to midnight? My own is always different…

Well, back to the aforementioned topic. I’m sort of new at my current job (less than a month), so I’ve had to develop (that sounds like Einstein) or rather come up with a couple of strategies as part of my first tasks. Continue reading


Hi Guys,

I hope your week is going awesome. So I made this resolve or rather my beautiful friend of Savor Lagos suggested I blog daily. After all my blog is supposed to be a diary right? It’s more or less a personal productivity journey for me with Ife as my coach (God bless her). Even though I went to see a movie after work and I’m pretty spent, I decided that blog I shall. Continue reading


Today’s post has been on my mind for a while now. I’ve tried my best to evade the topic. I’ve played the ‘touch not’ card to myself severally but like a nagging headache it keeps coming back to my mind.

You guessed right, it’s the Pastor Biodun and Ese Walters saga and I’m not concerned whether he did it or not. In my opinion, after the church of Christ, the Public Relations field is the most affected by this whole drama because factually, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo is a brand and one with a lot of promise. Continue reading

100 Truths

I have been musing over what to put up as my first post for a while now. Then the good Lord led my paths to my beautiful friend Owgee’s blog. It hit me that this would be a good way for us to meet each other, exchange pleasantries and that kinda stuff people do on first encounters.

So here we go 🙂

Last drink: Tea (black). Can’t remember the brand, took it from my mum’s kitchen who got it from my dad and he brought it from the abroad.

Last phone call: Chinwe. Airtel will forever be grateful she bought their SIM.

Last text message: Airtel Nigeria!!! And no I’m not calling 141.

Last song you listened to: Te Amo – Isreal Houghton ft. T-Bone

Last time you cried: Last Saturday (after a phone convo with the father. I blame Tj, I really wanted to keep to myself but she made me talk…)


Dated someone twice: Atink so

Been cheated on: Kinda

Kissed someone: Errrr…

Lost someone special: Oh Yes. (Rest In Peace Granma 😦 )

Been depressed: Are you kidding me..Yes

Been drunk and threw up: Naaa. I’ll proceed to say no further Continue reading